Command Query is a boutique telco consulting firm specialising in project leadership, software development, consulting and training for regional telecommunications and internet providers.

We provide specialist advice, training, engineering skill and knowledge transfer for short-term telco projects including digital transformation, systems integration, billing, product design, and product development.

Consulting and Training

Our team has decades of experience working directly with regional ISPs and Telcos. We provide business, product and technical consulting, and training across all aspects of the industry - including business analysis, revenue assurance, product modelling and engineering management.

Software Development

We design, build and offer hosting of web applications for almost any purpose. We’ve built high performance portal, billing, accounting, integration, policy management and document generation systems for telcos and ISPs throughout Asia-Pacific, along with hundreds of integrations - with switches, DOCSIS, radio networks, RADIUS clients, satellite ground stations, networks, payment providers, SNMP agents, email systems, JSON and XML APIs - and many more.

Project Leadership

We reduce the risk of integration and transformation projects by providing design and engineering consulting, project leadership, and training for regional telcos.

We help your team do amazing things by applying and teaching modern principles of software design, deployment and management. We emphasise low-cost microservice solutions using an open-source software base.

Our project management philosophy emphasises successful product launch using a light touch, collaborative decision making, and straightforward, results-oriented management processes.